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The answers will appear here!


1).C.(Gas workers don't like the smell)


2).C.If your answer was D, see #3


3).A.Pocket knives and other sharp instruments will puncture bases and most cavers take a dim view of fallout


4).B.Cuss words make you feel better, but if you read the quiz closely, you will see that even when it comes to carbide lamps, cleanliness is right next to Godliness


5). D. Bad karma is a personal problem. See question #6 for plugged tip


6). A. Many electric cavers don't know any better and will answer "C". Nothing is worse than a caver wearing a wheat lamp and a tip cleaner


7). B. Worn out tips lead to excessive carbide and water consumption and are characterized by a wide flame with a broad base


8). A. GOTCHA! I haven't had a felt in my lamp for 10 years and no problems. Wet or worn out felts are the pits, however to felt or not to felt is a matter of personal preference.
[Ed. note: the editor of this page recommends using a felt]


9). C. A and B lead to solo caving


10). B. When you run out of water, gas leaks up through the dropper (Brumley [pop. 60] is a village in E. Nowhere).


11). A or
Anyone who answered C is obviously NOT a caver


12). A or BEither will work well at preventing future problems of this sort, but C will keep you more caving buddies


13). A. Vinegar also works well


14). C. B could lead to your not surviving until A, and D could lead to your caving buddies' incarceration for homicide


15). B. A, C, and D are all good emergency repair materials


16). B Although C is a definite possibility in Perry County


17). D. Anyone who answers "C" refer to answer #11


18). C. Although "B" is much more fun


19). B. If you answer "C", stop caving or be left with your spent carbide (in the cave)


20). B. "A" is cheap but unreliable and "C" is great but somewhat heavy and expensive


21). A or
Anyone caught in the act of B or C will suffer a dire fate and the hands of K.R.


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